professional fintech
full-stack developers

Every product that we have created is focused on fintech specificity

.index developers and managers know what problems and challenges you face every day, moreover they know how to solve them in the easiest way

.mobile / web app
Native, mobile and hybrid solutions that can be deployed for any corporation. From the architecture to the final release and localization. From the idea to a working product
.UI / UX
User interfaces design, which is based on everyday users’ behaviour, will improve every aspect of any project
.onboarding / KYC
Clear and client-friendly systems, which meet all international requirements
.payment and billing
Traditional custom payment gateways and p2p solutions. Everything to provide fast and accurate money remittance
.crypto tech
High-end secure blockchain technologies development for crypto projects of any activity field
.custom ERP
and CRM
Accurate systems for customer data analyzation and internal communications with API connections
and assistants
Replacement of human work based on A.I. helps businesses to cut costs and to raise the level of general productivity
.software support
24/7 technical support and maintenance for our solutions and products of other vendors
and POS systems

Contactless, "on the go" and many other payment methods could be provided by our code and infrastructure

We are best versed in writing code for:

Online / Neo banks

Payment systems

Crypto projects

We are the best versed in writing code for:
Online / Neo banks
Payment systems
Crypto projects
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